3rd Lowcountry Field Feast

The Lowcountry Field Feast put on by Annie at Byrdhouse PR is always my favorite fall event.  The first Field Feast fell on our anniversary night, so I always think of it as the best way to celebrate another year of marriage! However, Lindsay wasn’t able to attend this year (he was bummed), but I was happy to take my sister who had just moved down from NYC.  As we walked onto Jane Maybank’s beautiful riverside, live oak-sheltered property, just as the sun was starting to set my sister turned and said, “Wow. THIS is the lowcountry!” Quintessential. You can see her on the right in the picture above.  We are talking to Kate G from Lowcountry Local First.  (This was also the first night I wore my hand-stitched Alabama Chanin dress {hard to see the detail in this pic}…the process of making that dress is so dear to my heart you will be reading about it for many posts to come….)

The weather was glorious. The invitations and menus designed by my friends Amy and Courtney at Stitch were brilliantly beautiful, as usual!  The Maybank property where Meg Moore operates Dirthugger Farm was breathtaking.  Mike Lata, from FIG, incorporated all of her bounty into the mouthwatering dishes his whole team prepared for us.  We dined, laughed, and maybe drank a little too much wine under the stars and live oaks.  It was the perfect fall evening.  The talented Brennan Wesley captured it all with his camera, the two photos I have used here are his.

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  1. Vickie says:

    Great dress. Wonderful blog. I’ve bookmarked it and will follow the progress of your house and as another sew-er of Alabama Chanin designs will look forward to seeing your next project.

  2. Kate–I just stumbled across your blog and have loved catching up on your new project! Thanks for the plug for Field Feast–mark your calendar for October 7 this year (will miss your anniversary by just a little bit this time :)). The house is looking amazing–congrats to you guys!

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  1. […] any proper photos yet, but will do.  Here’s one from my sister’s iPhone and a far-away shot on my blog. The dress’s debut was at a farm […]

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